Refund policy

You can choose to cancel your order by our following return policies:

To cancel your order, get a refund or exchange for damaged goods:


Step 1: completing and submitting the cancellation form

  • Please inform our customer service staff at of the cancellation so that we can email you the order cancellation form. Fill out the order cancellation form and email it back to us.
  • • Please preserve a copy of your receipt and parcel information.

Step 2: Refund & exchange process

  • If you decide to get a refund for your canceled order, we will do so within 14 working days of receiving your order. Once we’ve completed the refund, we’ll send you an email to let you know.
  • If you’ve requested a replacement or exchange for damaged products or an incorrect delivery, we’ll process it within 14 working days and ship it to your standard delivery address.

Returns policy & procedure:

We hope you enjoy your order, but if you are displeased with it and want to cancel it, you can only do so for a refund before it is dispatched.

Please note that refunds will only be made against the original credit/debit card used.

Damaged or incorrect items:

If the products you got are damaged in any way or are not what you ordered, we will replace them or refund your money. Please contact our customer service team at as soon as possible if this occurs.

Please remember to provide us your order number and to maintain the packaging materials and damaged products for examination. This only applies to orders placed online; returns or exchanges will not be accepted in our retail locations. This policy has no effect on your legal rights as a consumer.