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The skin on the body is different than the skin on the face. Generally stronger and thicker, it contains fewer sebaceous glands. Though less exposed to harmful environmental stressors than the face, the skin on the body is subject to fluctuations in weight, lack of physical exercise, sun exposure, and friction and compression caused by clothing.

By using products that are not adapted to your skin type, the skin on the body may become uncomfortable, rough, and dehydrated. With age, it may also lose its tone. It is important to take care of this skin with products specifically designed for the body.




To maintain soft, luminous skin, it is essential to regularly exfoliate with a scrub specifically designed for the body like the Body Scrub. Exfoliation clears away dead skin cells, refines skin’s texture and stimulates microcirculation, which enhances the action of the skincare products you subsequently apply.




In order to maintain your skins supple, youthful appearance, it is important to use a hydrating and nourishing product like Moisturizing Milk after taking your bath or shower. 






Some people have naturally sensitive skin that is thin and delicate. This skin becomes blotchy easily and is often irritated. This skin state may also affect those with a normal skin type, especially after exposure to the sun or a change in climate.

In addition to hydrating and nourishing active ingredients, the skin also needs specific healing active ingredients that soothe and provide immediate comfort such as those in the BODY BUTER. This skin-soother contains Shea butter, known for its calming properties, and may be applied daily to delicate skin after your bath or shower.